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WUDANG CHILE | About Wudang System in Chile


WUDANG CHILE it's a project led by master Alex Mieza, 16th generation of Wudang Sanfeng Pai lineage, and also an official disciple of the great Master Yuan Xiugang from Wudang Shan (China). The Wudang Chile project aims to spread Wudang internal martial arts and Wudang Taoist culture in Chile, mainly through training courses, seminars, conferences, classes and various other activities.


During the month of March and the first week of April (2015) the master Alex Mieza visited Chile, invited by professor Rodrigo Riveros Arias, to start this project training and dissemination. This time seminars were held in the cities of Santiago and Iquique, and two conferences about Taoism, Inner Alchemy and methods for cultivating health. He also inaugurated and blessed the first taoist altar to Zhang San Feng in the country as well as various meetings with teachers and local authorities.


The Wudang Chile project is a proposal open to anyone who wishes to form in the Wudang system and seeking to help spread over the country. If you are a teacher, a representative of a style, or simply a person without wushu knowledge and you want to learn the Wudang system you are welcome to join our family Wudang in Chile. For general inquiries you can write directly to contacto@wudangchile.cl.